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Will Transportation to Clinical Trials Hinder Participation in 2017?

Lyft driver takes patient to their clinical trial

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, one of the biggest challenges in our industry is getting enough patients to participate in a trial. Although the general public seems to understand that volunteers play a pivotal role in our efforts, they aren’t exactly lining up in the streets for a spo

Will eCOA Technology Kill Paper Based Clinical Trials this Year?

Computer using eCOA technology to manage a clinical trial

The clinical research industry is notorious for adopting things slowly. Despite the ever-growing capabilities of the digital world around us, many clinical trials still log everything via pen and paper. However, as Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) continue to make waves, the multifacet

How New Virtual Clinical Trials Have Improved Patient Recruitment

Man enrolls in a virtual clinical trial via his iPad

In 2011, Pfizer conducted what has come to be known as the first virtual clinical trial. It was revolutionary project, allowing sites to manage participants through electronic devices and patients to participate from wherever they lived. There was just one problem… it didn’t recruit! While the