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6 Mistakes Pharma Companies Make When Adopting New Technology

Pharma CEO reaches for outdated technology solution

In previous tech-related posts, we’ve discussed how pharma and other companies focused on clinical research are slow to adopt new technology. While we are finally starting to see a shift in attitude towards innovation in our space, there are some common pitfalls that can hinder adoption. We’d

Should You Use Quantitative Modeling for Your Clinical Trial?

Researchers use a quantitative model in their clinical trial

As large scale clinical trials become more complex, the benefits of quantitative modeling (“modeling and simulation (M&S)”) have become more apparent. Essentially, these methods utilize big data and computer algorithms to predict certain aspects of future studies. Quantitative modeling has the p

What Does the NCI Formulary Mean for Cancer Clinical Trials?

Room being used for cancer clinical trial

On Wednesday, January 11, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a new effort called the NCI Formulary. This new drug formulary will allow investigators at designated cancer centers to have faster access to both approved and investigational drugs for use in preclinical and clinical cancer stud