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Why eConsent Technology Is Worth the Investment in 2017

Man uses eConsent form to enroll in a clinical trial online

Despite having many features with the potential to powerfully benefit clinical research teams, eConsent remains the clinical trial technology with the lowest rate of awareness and adoption. Given its potential to streamline the informed consent process, boost patient centricity, and help lower a giv

Does Clinical Trial Participation Lead to Better Health Outcomes?

Leaf representing better health outcomes from clinical trial participation

We know that clinical trial participation is necessary for the advancement of medicine and can work wonders on a case-by-case basis. But can we make any blanketed claims about clinical trial participation leading to better health outcomes overall? Does the “trial effect” (seeing improved health outc

Online Patient Communities: What’s the Best Way to Approach & Work With Them?

Principal investigator tells online patient community about an upcoming study

Online patient communities are a potential goldmine when it comes to clinical trial recruitment. For example, any CRO or clinical research site that is about to conduct a lupus clinical trial would love to post to a Facebook group or mass email a lupus support community. Needless to say, this is not

Why Local Doctors Are Key to Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials

Local doctor helps enroll more minorities in clinical trials

Despite best efforts, clinical research recruitment remains a significant challenge. Not only is finding enough participants all too frequently a hurdle, but usually we’re also lacking a proper diversity of patients. Clinical trials often fail to be representative of real world patient populations,

How Community Physicians Expand Clinical Trial Participation

Couple's doctor tells them about a clinical trial he is running

Despite significant investments in direct to patient advertising and efforts to educate more communities, physician referrals remain one of the most effective methods of recruitment. Despite that, many physicians still lack information on available or upcoming clinical trials and this is something t

The Patient Centric Approach: Strategies That Work

Clinical investigator has patient complete a questionnaire

Most pharmaceutical executives agree that patient-centricity is important, but what does that really entail? Are you actually implementing patient centric design in your clinical trials? Have you actually taken the patient’s perspective into account? Today, we want to look at several strategies that

Common Web Design Mistakes of Clinical Trial Websites

ClinLife showcases good web design for a clinical research website

Patient-facing clinical trial websites have one primary goal: convert interested visitors into prospective clinical trial participants. With effective web design, certain elements can be used to guide visitors towards taking a desired action, such as fill out an online form, call the site about pote