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Online Patient Communities: What’s the Best Way to Approach & Work With Them?

Principal investigator tells online patient community about an upcoming study

Online patient communities are a potential goldmine when it comes to clinical trial recruitment. For example, any CRO or clinical research site that is about to conduct a lupus clinical trial would love to post to a Facebook group or mass email a lupus support community. Needless to say, this is not

Should We Share Clinical Trial Data with Patients?

Clinical researcher discusses study results with study participant

We continually search for ways to make clinical trials more patient-centric. Since clinical research volunteers are the foundation of our industry, getting them enrolled, keeping them engaged, and facilitating an excellent experience are crucial. In an effort to improve patient centricity, we’ve see

How New Virtual Clinical Trials Have Improved Patient Recruitment

Man enrolls in a virtual clinical trial via his iPad

In 2011, Pfizer conducted what has come to be known as the first virtual clinical trial. It was revolutionary project, allowing sites to manage participants through electronic devices and patients to participate from wherever they lived. There was just one problem… it didn’t recruit! While the

The Patient Centric Approach: Strategies That Work

Clinical investigator has patient complete a questionnaire

Most pharmaceutical executives agree that patient-centricity is important, but what does that really entail? Are you actually implementing patient centric design in your clinical trials? Have you actually taken the patient’s perspective into account? Today, we want to look at several strategies that

Patient Centricity: Why It’s Time to Listen to Patients

Doctor taking steps to improve patient centricity in clinical trials

When it comes to clinical trials, the success of an investigational treatment is based on a set of metrics that the research team can quantify. This is the gold standard of assessment, but decisions are made on data, and may not reflect the reality of patients’ lives, or the burden of their di

How Wearable Technology is Changing Clinical Trials

Man uses mobile app to take part in a clinical trial

New developments in wearable technology are exploding onto today’s clinical research scene. You likely see plenty of wearable tech in your day-to-day life, but more specifically, how is it impacting tomorrow’s clinical trials?

Patient Stories – A Breast Cancer Patient’s Experience

Woman with breast cancer talks about her clinical trial experience

What I wish I knew about patient advocacy and clinical trials before I diagnosed with breast cancer”! Christina Root had to get up to speed quickly on cancer treatment options. After finding a lump in her breast, her doctor fast-tracked a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. While waiting for test resu