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6 Mistakes Pharma Companies Make When Adopting New Technology

Pharma CEO reaches for outdated technology solution

In previous tech-related posts, we’ve discussed how pharma and other companies focused on clinical research are slow to adopt new technology. While we are finally starting to see a shift in attitude towards innovation in our space, there are some common pitfalls that can hinder adoption. We’d

Unhappy with ResearchKit? Here are 5 Good Alternatives

Man enrolls in a clinical trial using Android's ResearchStack

When ResearchKit was launched in 2015, it was praised as an innovative new mHeath tool. But recently many industry professionals have started to question whether the platform is as relevant today as it once was. ResearchKit was created to allow collaboration between the healthcare field and consumer

How Do We Improve Patient Centricity in 2017?

Researcher considers how to improve patient centricity in his clinical studies

Patient centricity has become a buzzword in this industry, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten it right yet. While many have invested time and resources in patient centric design, the industry as a whole still has a long way to go. Based on reported enrollment and retention rates in studi

eSource: Why It’s Time to Invest in a Better Solution

Clinical investigator using eSource to monitor study data

The process of clinical research is extensive and extremely expensive. If we consider traditional models, a lot of this expense (in time and money) can be attributed to data collection. Novartis conducted a study on their paper-based clinical trials and found that printing costs could run up to $50,