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How Do We Improve Patient Centricity in 2017?

Researcher considers how to improve patient centricity in his clinical studies

Patient centricity has become a buzzword in this industry, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten it right yet. While many have invested time and resources in patient centric design, the industry as a whole still has a long way to go. Based on reported enrollment and retention rates in studi

Breakthrough Recruitment Initiatives for Underrepresented Communities

Doctor wants to help improve minority enrollments in local clinical trials

Diversity in clinical trials, it’s a major topic of discussion in our industry right now and for good reason. We rely on data to make the correct decisions when testing and developing new treatments and right now we are missing significant pieces of the pie. Here are a few things that are worth cons

The Patient Centric Approach: Strategies That Work

Clinical investigator has patient complete a questionnaire

Most pharmaceutical executives agree that patient-centricity is important, but what does that really entail? Are you actually implementing patient centric design in your clinical trials? Have you actually taken the patient’s perspective into account? Today, we want to look at several strategies that

6 Patient Matching Platforms to Watch

Man uses patient matching platform to enroll in a clinical trial

The staggering lack of clinical trial participants is a topic that comes up often in our industry. Faced with statistics regarding millions of lost dollars, slow drug development timelines, and steep patient dropout rates, we already know this is one of our biggest issues. However, there are also so