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2 Key Changes That’ll Improve Mental Health Clinical Trials

Patient in mental health clinical trial works on puzzle

Mental health issues have a growing impact on our society, but there appears to be a disparity between how public policies address mental illness compared to other medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. One in five American adults experiences mental illness in a given year, amo

How Do We Improve Patient Centricity in 2017?

Researcher considers how to improve patient centricity in his clinical studies

Patient centricity has become a buzzword in this industry, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten it right yet. While many have invested time and resources in patient centric design, the industry as a whole still has a long way to go. Based on reported enrollment and retention rates in studi

The Patient Centric Approach: Strategies That Work

Clinical investigator has patient complete a questionnaire

Most pharmaceutical executives agree that patient-centricity is important, but what does that really entail? Are you actually implementing patient centric design in your clinical trials? Have you actually taken the patient’s perspective into account? Today, we want to look at several strategies that

Patient Centricity: Why It’s Time to Listen to Patients

Doctor taking steps to improve patient centricity in clinical trials

When it comes to clinical trials, the success of an investigational treatment is based on a set of metrics that the research team can quantify. This is the gold standard of assessment, but decisions are made on data, and may not reflect the reality of patients’ lives, or the burden of their di

Common Web Design Mistakes of Clinical Trial Websites

ClinLife showcases good web design for a clinical research website

Patient-facing clinical trial websites have one primary goal: convert interested visitors into prospective clinical trial participants. With effective web design, certain elements can be used to guide visitors towards taking a desired action, such as fill out an online form, call the site about pote

Patient Stories – A Breast Cancer Patient’s Experience

Woman with breast cancer talks about her clinical trial experience

What I wish I knew about patient advocacy and clinical trials before I diagnosed with breast cancer”! Christina Root had to get up to speed quickly on cancer treatment options. After finding a lump in her breast, her doctor fast-tracked a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. While waiting for test resu