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Why eConsent Technology Is Worth the Investment in 2017

Man uses eConsent form to enroll in a clinical trial online

Despite having many features with the potential to powerfully benefit clinical research teams, eConsent remains the clinical trial technology with the lowest rate of awareness and adoption. Given its potential to streamline the informed consent process, boost patient centricity, and help lower a giv

Patient Centricity: Why It’s Time to Listen to Patients

Doctor taking steps to improve patient centricity in clinical trials

When it comes to clinical trials, the success of an investigational treatment is based on a set of metrics that the research team can quantify. This is the gold standard of assessment, but decisions are made on data, and may not reflect the reality of patients’ lives, or the burden of their di

eConsent Forms: Are They the Right Choice for Your Study?

Woman completes an eConsent form to get enrolled in a new clinical trial

Informed consent forms are an essential aspect of conducting clinical trials, yet patients are often intimidated by the medical jargon and sheer length of the document. What would happen if we could make the consent form more patient-friendly? An electronic informed consent or eConsent form can allo