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5 Challenges Pharma Faces in this Tech Revolution

Pharmaceutical companies face challenges in this tech revolution

The rise of digital technology solutions has had a significant impact on every industry, and pharma is no exception. Even if you feel like you’re a bit behind, you’ve heard how new solutions like this are being used to improve recruitment and engagement rates in clinical trials while red

What Are Oncodomain Hotspots? How Does This Impact Cancer Drug Development?

Researcher identifies oncodomain hotspots for cancer research

Scientists at the University of Maryland recently identified thousands of genetic mutations they believe contribute to cancer growth. By employing a unique statistical-analysis method they developed, the researchers identified genetic abnormalities shared within families of related proteins. These a

How Would Reduced FDA Regulations Impact Drug Development

Medical researcher tests drugs according to FDA regulation

President Trump’s plan to revamp the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could seriously impact our nation’s drug development. The controversial plan, which includes steps to expedite prescriptions drugs’ approval process, has its fair share of both supporters and critics. Getting medications through