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Why eConsent Technology Is Worth the Investment in 2017

Man uses eConsent form to enroll in a clinical trial online

Despite having many features with the potential to powerfully benefit clinical research teams, eConsent remains the clinical trial technology with the lowest rate of awareness and adoption. Given its potential to streamline the informed consent process, boost patient centricity, and help lower a giv

Does Clinical Trial Participation Lead to Better Health Outcomes?

Leaf representing better health outcomes from clinical trial participation

We know that clinical trial participation is necessary for the advancement of medicine and can work wonders on a case-by-case basis. But can we make any blanketed claims about clinical trial participation leading to better health outcomes overall? Does the “trial effect” (seeing improved health outc

Breakthrough Recruitment Initiatives for Underrepresented Communities

Doctor wants to help improve minority enrollments in local clinical trials

Diversity in clinical trials, it’s a major topic of discussion in our industry right now and for good reason. We rely on data to make the correct decisions when testing and developing new treatments and right now we are missing significant pieces of the pie. Here are a few things that are worth cons

How Community Physicians Expand Clinical Trial Participation

Couple's doctor tells them about a clinical trial he is running

Despite significant investments in direct to patient advertising and efforts to educate more communities, physician referrals remain one of the most effective methods of recruitment. Despite that, many physicians still lack information on available or upcoming clinical trials and this is something t

6 Patient Matching Platforms to Watch

Man uses patient matching platform to enroll in a clinical trial

The staggering lack of clinical trial participants is a topic that comes up often in our industry. Faced with statistics regarding millions of lost dollars, slow drug development timelines, and steep patient dropout rates, we already know this is one of our biggest issues. However, there are also so

eConsent Forms: Are They the Right Choice for Your Study?

Woman completes an eConsent form to get enrolled in a new clinical trial

Informed consent forms are an essential aspect of conducting clinical trials, yet patients are often intimidated by the medical jargon and sheer length of the document. What would happen if we could make the consent form more patient-friendly? An electronic informed consent or eConsent form can allo