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Does Clinical Trial Participation Lead to Better Health Outcomes?

Leaf representing better health outcomes from clinical trial participation

We know that clinical trial participation is necessary for the advancement of medicine and can work wonders on a case-by-case basis. But can we make any blanketed claims about clinical trial participation leading to better health outcomes overall? Does the “trial effect” (seeing improved health outc

Is It Time to Modernize Clinical Trial Eligibility?

Clinical investigators believe that clinical trial eligibility may be too strict

Did you know that only five percent of adult cancer patients participate in a clinical trial in any given year? Despite constantly redoubling efforts and improving upon recruitment strategies, this number has not budged throughout the decades. In recent years, specific collaborations have: Made enga

How Community Physicians Expand Clinical Trial Participation

Couple's doctor tells them about a clinical trial he is running

Despite significant investments in direct to patient advertising and efforts to educate more communities, physician referrals remain one of the most effective methods of recruitment. Despite that, many physicians still lack information on available or upcoming clinical trials and this is something t