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5 Challenges Pharma Faces in this Tech Revolution

Pharmaceutical companies face challenges in this tech revolution

The rise of digital technology solutions has had a significant impact on every industry, and pharma is no exception. Even if you feel like you’re a bit behind, you’ve heard how new solutions like this are being used to improve recruitment and engagement rates in clinical trials while red

6 Mistakes Pharma Companies Make When Adopting New Technology

Pharma CEO reaches for outdated technology solution

In previous tech-related posts, we’ve discussed how pharma and other companies focused on clinical research are slow to adopt new technology. While we are finally starting to see a shift in attitude towards innovation in our space, there are some common pitfalls that can hinder adoption. We’d

eDRO: the Future of Data Collection in Clinical Trials?

Mobile health development crucial to using eDROs in clinical trials

Advancement in mHealth technology means a growing list of methods that we can use to collect data during clinical trials. The rise of electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) has changed the way sponsors and biopharmaceutical companies prefer to collect data from patients. Studies have shown just

Should You Use Quantitative Modeling for Your Clinical Trial?

Researchers use a quantitative model in their clinical trial

As large scale clinical trials become more complex, the benefits of quantitative modeling (“modeling and simulation (M&S)”) have become more apparent. Essentially, these methods utilize big data and computer algorithms to predict certain aspects of future studies. Quantitative modeling has the p

Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Perfect EDC System for Your Clinical Trial

CRO using an EDC system for her new clinical trial

Switching to an electronic data capture (EDC) system can benefit your clinical trial in a variety of ways. Instead of relying solely on paper bookkeeping–which leaves room for human error– utilizing an EDC system can help: Ensure data quality Increase efficiency Reduce cost of clinical t

Will eCOA Technology Kill Paper Based Clinical Trials this Year?

Computer using eCOA technology to manage a clinical trial

The clinical research industry is notorious for adopting things slowly. Despite the ever-growing capabilities of the digital world around us, many clinical trials still log everything via pen and paper. However, as Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) continue to make waves, the multifacet