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What Are Oncodomain Hotspots? How Does This Impact Cancer Drug Development?

Researcher identifies oncodomain hotspots for cancer research

Scientists at the University of Maryland recently identified thousands of genetic mutations they believe contribute to cancer growth. By employing a unique statistical-analysis method they developed, the researchers identified genetic abnormalities shared within families of related proteins. These a

Should You Use Quantitative Modeling for Your Clinical Trial?

Researchers use a quantitative model in their clinical trial

As large scale clinical trials become more complex, the benefits of quantitative modeling (“modeling and simulation (M&S)”) have become more apparent. Essentially, these methods utilize big data and computer algorithms to predict certain aspects of future studies. Quantitative modeling has the p

How Would Reduced FDA Regulations Impact Drug Development

Medical researcher tests drugs according to FDA regulation

President Trump’s plan to revamp the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could seriously impact our nation’s drug development. The controversial plan, which includes steps to expedite prescriptions drugs’ approval process, has its fair share of both supporters and critics. Getting medications through

What Does the NCI Formulary Mean for Cancer Clinical Trials?

Room being used for cancer clinical trial

On Wednesday, January 11, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a new effort called the NCI Formulary. This new drug formulary will allow investigators at designated cancer centers to have faster access to both approved and investigational drugs for use in preclinical and clinical cancer stud

Will AI Change How We Conduct Clinical Trials in 2017?

Artificial intelligence being incorporated in clinical trials

Increasingly complex clinical trials have driven up the average cost of drug development. This is putting tremendous pressure on CROs and other professionals involved in clinical trial operations. Sponsors want them to conduct more clinical trials and produce higher quality data overall while findin

Should We Share Clinical Trial Data with Patients?

Clinical researcher discusses study results with study participant

We continually search for ways to make clinical trials more patient-centric. Since clinical research volunteers are the foundation of our industry, getting them enrolled, keeping them engaged, and facilitating an excellent experience are crucial. In an effort to improve patient centricity, we’ve see

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Shows Promise in Phase 1

Woman learns about a new alzheimer's treatment for her mother

Groundbreaking research suggests that a process the brain uses to protect itself from pathogens is a contributing factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This discovery has led to the development of a new therapeutic approach that shows significant promise. A research paper published by Na