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What Are Oncodomain Hotspots? How Does This Impact Cancer Drug Development?

Researcher identifies oncodomain hotspots for cancer research

Scientists at the University of Maryland recently identified thousands of genetic mutations they believe contribute to cancer growth. By employing a unique statistical-analysis method they developed, the researchers identified genetic abnormalities shared within families of related proteins. These a

Is It Time to Modernize Clinical Trial Eligibility?

Clinical investigators believe that clinical trial eligibility may be too strict

Did you know that only five percent of adult cancer patients participate in a clinical trial in any given year? Despite constantly redoubling efforts and improving upon recruitment strategies, this number has not budged throughout the decades. In recent years, specific collaborations have: Made enga

What Does the NCI Formulary Mean for Cancer Clinical Trials?

Room being used for cancer clinical trial

On Wednesday, January 11, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a new effort called the NCI Formulary. This new drug formulary will allow investigators at designated cancer centers to have faster access to both approved and investigational drugs for use in preclinical and clinical cancer stud